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About Us


The Health Squad

At Health Squad we believe in bringing quality products and quality knowledge to our community and beyond. A family owned and operated business by Andrea and her squad. Andrea has gained a wide reputation over the years for helping people with their wellbeing and providing well informed, knowledgeable guidance with a friendly approach to all of her customers.

Our aim is to offer our clientele an experience where they feel valued and supported to develop their own sustainable health results. We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest. The Health Squad endeavour to ensure our customers are pointed in the right direction when choosing products. We love to understand what we can improve, what they love and what’s the next big thing.

We offer a complete experience of a ‘one stop shop’ for all your health food needs including a broad range of; vitamins and herbs, sports nutrition, practitioner ranges, organic and gluten free food and snacks, body care, and cosmetics..

Whether you are looking for a specific product or just browsing, our warm, friendly and fun atmosphere makes shopping at Health Squad a pleasure.

Fitness Nutrition

At Health Squad we offer a range of fitness nutrition products such as whey protein, plant based protein, pre work outs, BCAA’s, amino acids, recovery drinks, high protein snacks, thermogenic supplements and weight loss support.


Feeling the pressure? We have a range of supplements to support a busy lifestyle. Speak to our practitioners.

Gut Health & Immunity

80% of the immune system is found in your gut. Which means you can modulate and support your immune system through your gut health. We offer pre and probiotics, symbiotics, gut healing protocols and a range of dietary fibres.

Hormone Health for Men & Women

Through-out our lifespan our hormones do change and can play havoc in our everyday lives such as; PMS, menopause, thyroid health, libido, weight gain and low energy. Hormones for men and women can be modulated and supported by nutrition, herbs, diet and supplements suggested by our practitioners.

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