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GUTAID Gluten Relieve 40 capsules

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GUTAID Gluten Relieve 40 capsules

Gluten Relieve helps reduce the occurrence of the symptoms of medically diagnosed gluten sensitivity caused by inadvertent gluten ingestion.
- Relieves abdominal bloating, cramping, and feeling of fullness
- Helps reduce the occurrence of the symptoms of food intolerance
- Aids in the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, and fats
- 100% vegetarian digestive enzymes
- Vegetarian capsules (gelatin-free)
- Contains DPP IV activity

Ingredient    Per 1 cap
Protease       31250 HUT (Hemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base)
Amylase       10000 DUAA (Dextrinizing Units Alpha Amylase)
Cellulase      4000 CU (Cellulase Unit)
Lipase          40 LipU (Lipase Unit)

No added gluten, soy or dairy.

Directions for Use

Take 2 hard capsules with water, immediately before food is consumed.
- For children, a half dose is suggested.
- Buy a pill box so you can carry them around with you so you're never caught without.
- Whilst enzymes are more effective being taken at the time of consuming problematic foods, sometimes this isn't known. In these instances it will still be beneficial to take as soon as you feel the symptoms coming on.

Store below 25° in a cool, dry location. Keep container tightly closed.