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Healthwise Koji8 Red Yeast Rice 150g

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HEALTHWISE Koji8 Red Yeast Rice 150g

The use of Red Yeast Rice in traditional Chinese Medicine dates back as far back as the Tang Dynasty in China in 800 A.D. The presence of naturally ocurring monacolins have made this a valuable natural health supplement. A dietary staple throughout Asia, red yeast rice is also used for preparing a wide variety of food products, including pickled tofu, red rice vinegar and Peking Duck as it imparts a subtle but pleasant taste.
- Naturally high in B group vitamins.
- Fermented foods are know to aid digestion.

HealthWise® Koji8 Red Yeast Rice Powder is tested as "negative" for the presence of citrinin. The limit of detection is 1ppm.

HealthWise® Koji8 Red Yeast Rice Powder is a pure 8:1 extract of Oryza sativa (rice) naturally cultured with Monascus purpureus (yeast). This natural fermentation process imparts a deep red colour to the rice.
- 100% pure powder
- Highly concentrated
- Packed without fillers or flowing agents
- Free from yeast, gluten, salt or preservatives
- No artificial colours or flavours
- No citrinin

Ingredient                                      Per 1 g
Oryza sativa (Rice) sprout powder ✓

Directions for Use

Serving suggestion
1-3g added to food.
Can be taken in water or juice.
Use in cooking to colour foods naturally.

- If taking prescription medication or are pregnant/breastfeeding, please consult your healthcare professional for advice before supplementing with red rice powder.
- Monitoring is advised when taking red rice with cholesterol lowering medications (statins) as effects may be additive.
- Because red rice yeast extract delivers a natural mix of statin-like molecules rather than a single type of isolated molecule, it is much less likely to cause the side effects that sometimes occur with the pharmaceutical versions.
- Consider taking a CoQ10 supplement when using red yeast rice, as Monacolins can produce statin-like results, which may deplete CoQ10 levels.
- This product is sold as a food only.
- For specific conditions, please consult your healthcare professional.