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Optimum Nutrition BCAA Boost Watermelon 390g

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Introducing BCAA BOOST, the NEW refreshing BCAA + Electrolytes drink from Optimum Nutrition for Intra­ workout endurance support and post-workout muscle recovery for any training activity.

Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must be obtained through dietary sources. The essential amino acids Leucine, lsoleucine and Valine in a 2:1:1 ratio is backed by scientific research, and is the same ratio found in Skeletal Muscle as well as a typical glass of milk. BCAA's can help support muscle recovery as well as spare muscle in prolonged exercise. BCAA's are unique as they can be metabolised by skeletal muscle and act as an energy source to help fuel your muscles during prolonged activity and endurance training.


· 8g BCAA (in 2:1:1 ratio) to help support muscle sparing and recovery

· 1200 mg of electrolytes to help replace what's lost through sweat & support hydration

· 1 gram L-Citrulline - additional amino acid support

· Zero Caffeine allows you to take anytime day or night without affecting your sleep patterns

· Zero Carbs means you can supplement your diet with BCAA's without any excess carbohydrates or sugar

· Support your training, recovery, and hydration with BCAA BOOST

Suggested Use

Mix about 1 scoop (13 grams) of BCAA Boost into 300-400ml of cold water or other beverage and stir or shake until dissolved. For best results, drink 1 scoop of BCAA BOOST as intra-workout support and post­ workout muscle recovery. Enjoy throughout your day to help meet your amino acid needs to support your fitness goals!