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Solutions 4 Health Oil of Wild Oregano 25ml

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Solutions 4 Health Oil of Wild Oregano 25ml

- Specific species with highest therapeutic properties, Origanum vulgare.
- All indications below are based on history of evidence of traditional use in Eastern European herbal medicine
- Supports overall wellness & health
- Relieves mild rheumatic pains, reduces skin wounds & skin fungal infections
- Supports gastrointestinal function and digestion
- Supports the immune system & relieves symptoms of common colds & flu
- Manufacture in TGA, GMP compliant and Australian Certified Organic facilities
- Listed with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods AUSTL 139967
- Guaranteed Certified Organic Oregano, Non-GMO

Oil of Wild Oregano is one of Nature’s most potent fighters
It contains powerful biogenic volatile compounds, namely Carvacrol and Thymol which are oxygenated monoterpenes.

These components are what reduce the abiotic stress of the plant, and defend it against herbivores, and pathogens. Much like it is fighting off a “cold”.

Carvacrol and Thymol have been extensively studied and have been found to have numerous therapeutic qualities. Carvacrol and thymol are very powerful compounds on their own, but the therapeutic effects are greater when they are working together. Like they do in the Oregano plant.

These benefits are made available to you without the need to mix or dilute the oil. Our Oil of Wild Oregano (and our other products) is appropriately diluted with a carrier oil so that it can be used for both internal consumption and external use.

Nature's Advantage Over Pharmaceutical Antibiotics
The advantage of nutraceuticals over that of pharmaceutical antibiotics is that bacteria, fungi and viruses find it extremely difficult to build a resistance to it. On the other hand, resistance to pharmaceutical drugs is commonplace, and a growing problem.

When you think of it in terms of “Science of Nature” vs “Man Made”, it makes perfect sense. The constituents of pharmaceutical drugs are adulterated and replicated over and over to produce a particular type of antibiotic. The Origanum Vulgare plant on the other hand is created by nature. Because environmental conditions always differ, even if only slightly, the specific constituents of the plant will differ each season. With the power and methodology that only nature possesses, these ever-changing levels are still brought together in perfect synergy each time, to create a plant which is never precisely the same, but one which always guarantees effective end properties. This renders it extremely difficult for bacteria, fungi and viruses to keep up and build a resistance.