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The Newtrition Co Vegan Protein Berry Cheezecake 400g

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An innovative plant based vegan protein supplement blend that is produced in Australia. It has a very smooth texture with a high protein, low carb, low fat, dessert style flavour that doesn't use stevia & has added Digezyme (digestive enzymes) and a Lactospore probiotic.


- 100% natural, plant based
- More than 20g of plant based protein per serve
- No added sugars
- No artificial additives, nothing synthetic
- High amino acid profile rich in minerals
- Gluten free
- Keto friendly
- Smooth, creamy texture
- Easily digestible and non-bloating
- Low fat and low carb blend

Protein powder using golden peas and hemp seed

The Newtrition Co pea based protein powder blend is a alkalising protein blend that is plant based, using Golden Canadian Peas & Hemp Gold™ Seeds. This 100% natural combination provides a complete protein source with a high amino acid profile that is full of minerals with a balanced ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids with fibre.  This natural plant-based protein is made with Hemp Gold™ containing 60% protein, it is easy to digest and good for your gut with its smooth creamy texture, it is the perfect grain free protein powder.  

A grain free proetin blend made by an athlete for training

We have packed this protein powder blend with the superfoods MCT oil powder and organic Maca Root. When combined these two ingredients provide the ultimate formula to support high-intensity training, weight management and cognitive performance. 

Protein powder that doesn't taste too sweet

Unlike other products, the Newtrition Co powder blend does not use artificial ingredients to create a sweet taste. In fact, we have deliberately created the taste profile of our blend to taste less sweet as we know many people don’t enjoy the sickly sweet taste that some products provide. We very subtly sweeten our blend with stevia and natural flavours. There is a portion of Inulin Fibre (Chicory Root) that has also been added to the blend, which may support digestive health & promote weight loss. 

Australian plant based protein powder

The Newtrition Co’s plant based protein powder products are an innovative formulation of  Golden Pea and Golden Help seeds that offer your body a complete amino acid profile while supporting the health of your gut at the same time. Our blend is unlike anything on the market with a super-smooth texture & a level of sweetness that doesn’t give you that sickly sweet mouthfeel.

Unlike other protein sources, our natural ingredients are easier to digest which means there is better absorption and faster delivery to your muscles which means you can recover faster. 

Every ingredient has been carefully chosen to create a plant-based protein that focuses on the most important elements each athlete needs when training. Build lean muscle, recover faster and supplement your diet with the complete amino acid profile in this plant-based protein blend.