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Load image into Gallery viewer, White Wolf Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein Smooth Chocolate 400g
Load image into Gallery viewer, White Wolf Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein Smooth Chocolate 400g

White Wolf Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein Smooth Chocolate 400g

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White Wolf's Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein is enriched with superfoods including Australian Organic Blueberry, Australian Organic Raspberry powder, plus organic Açaí. This ultra-smooth and creamy blend uses Fermented Pea Protein derived from non-GMO organic golden-yellow peas, providing a naturally complete and fast releasing protein source.  

With no added sugars or artificial preservatives, the blend is naturally sweetened using stevia. This unique formula consists of organic superfoods, GoMCT™ Medium-Chain-Triglycerides, L-Carnitine and L-Glutamine, which can assist in reducing stored body fat, digestion and increased energy levels.

With an array of essential and non-essential amino acids to help with the repair, growth and maintenance of healthy cells, our scientifically formulated Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein provides key nutrients to vegans and non-vegans alike!

- 100% Natural
- Vegan friendly
- No added dairy
- No added gluten
- High protein – 23.1 g of protein per 30 g serve
- Low carb
- Non-GMO
- No added sugars
- No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives
- Australian made & Australian owned

Key Superfood Ingredients

- Organic Black Flaxseed - Rich source of omega-3 fatty acid and high fibre source
- Psyllium Husks – Excellent prebiotic and a high fibre source
- Sunflower Seed – Rich in complex B vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, protein and vitamin E
- Quinoa – High in fibre, mineral and antioxidants, plus contains all nine essential amino acids
- Organic Amaranth – Gluten free grain that is high in fibre, protein and micronutrients
- Australian Organic Blueberry Powder – Very high in antioxidants; blueberries are considered one of the highest naturally occurring antioxidant foods
- Australian Organic Raspberry Powder – Also high in antioxidants and high in fibre
- Organic Açaí Berry – Nutrient dense super fruit and high in antioxidants
- Buckwheat - A great source of fibre and protein

Recommended Use

Our Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein blend makes for a great tasting protein shake to take before or after your workouts. This versatile blend is also the perfect ingredient for low carb smoothie bowls, raw protein bliss balls and a range of delicious baked goods!
For a quick and easy protein shake:

1. Add one 30 g scoop to approximately 250 mL of liquid (water, milk or equivalent)
2. Shake or blend well until smooth!
3. For best results, consume within 30 minutes and enjoy!Made on a production line that also produces products containing milk, gluten, soy, egg, nuts (tree and peanuts) and seeds.

Made on a production line that also produces products containing milk, gluten, soy, egg, nuts (tree and peanuts) and seeds.


What are the benefits of taking protein powder?

Dietary protein is essential for maintaining normal metabolic functions in the body. Proteins are made up of building blocks known as amino acids. These amino acids are especially important for growth and repair of tissues and well as being used to create enzymes and hormones. Our Vegan All-In-One Pea Protein blend is also packed with superfoods, making it ideal for supplementing and promoting a healthy body.

Why plant protein?

Traditionally, whey protein has dominated the protein powder market. But, in recent years more and more plant-based protein powder options have become available! There are many reasons why people are turning to vegan protein. For many it aligns with their personal values, but for many others who suffer from dairy intolerances, vegan protein powder helps them avoid discomfort and bloating. Vegan protein has been shown to be just as effective as traditional animal-derived protein in increasing muscle mass. Plus, vegan protein powders are often higher in fibre and perform exceptionally well in various recipes!

How often should I take protein powder?

This depends largely on your health and wellness goals. Protein powder is commonly taken for muscle building, for dietary supplementation, for weight loss or for performance improvement. It’s best to speak to your healthcare professional if you are unsure how often to take your protein powder.

Why White Wolf Nutrition?

We are committed to developing only the highest quality products from clean and pure ingredients that deliver results, never compromise on taste, and support healthy lifestyles.

From proteins to gut health support supplements, all our products are always made from non-GMO, 100% natural ingredients without any nasties or fillers. With supplements suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike, everything we put into our products has a purpose in supporting healthy lifestyles.